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Alicia “militant vegan” Silverstone

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[Breakfast: Kashi- Go Lean cereal with oat milk]

Alicia Silverstone is a vegan (doesn’t eat or wear anything derived from an animal)—in case you haven’t heard. That’s why she’s svelte, has bright eyes, clear skin, thick hair and a B.M. three times a day. If that doesn’t make her the perfect PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) poster child, I don’t know what does.

Every single interview I’ve read promoting Silverstone’s new show, “Miss Match,” has had Silverstone also promoting her vegan lifestyle. I’ve read about Silverstone having 100% vegan catering at interviews and vegan food on the set.

(I’m waiting to hear if all the food on set is vegan. If so, I think any Jewish sitcom star who keeps kosher should demand that of the rest of the crew on set.*)

Silverstone was on “The View” Friday yapping about how the show’s Thanksgiving episode had all vegan food on it, even Tofurky. (I wouldn’t even eat Tofurky when I was a vegetarian.) Silverstone additionally mentioned that she doesn’t wear silk, wool, or leather on the show or in real life. I wonder about cashmere.

She endearingly pointed to her plastic hot-pink Stella McCartney shoes and flashed her famous smile. Plastic is not environmentally friendly, but at least no one got killed for it, or did they?

Silverstone earnestly admitted that the show’s costume designer thought it was a fun challenge to find her wardrobe. Joy Behar from “The View” pointed out that the costume designer wasn’t going to complain to Alicia if she found the task arduous.

Note to Alicia: anything that makes one’s job more difficult, which equals more stress, is definitely not “fun.”

I realized today that I take it for granted that I even know what a vegan is. Even though I was a vegetarian for years and mostly still am, I still think vegans are freaks. It just hit me that I am living in California. I can’t imagine how people from other states react. A lot of people probably still think vegetarians are crazy.

From the September 12th issue of Entertainment Weekly: “For dedicated vegan Silverstone, Miss Match will be true to life in at least one way: Kate Fox is a vegetarian, and her wardrobe is entirely ‘cruelty-free.’"

But unfortunately, or fortunately, it doesn’t end there. Vegetarianism is omnipotent on the show. On “Miss Match,” Kate Fox (Alicia Silverstone) has remarked to her father, “Dad, I’ve been a vegetarian forever,” when he offered her sashimi in a sushi restaurant. There have also been innocuous scenes with “Kate” buying veggies at a Farmer’s Market or in a market that is clearly Wild Oats (a Colorado/California) health food store. On last Friday’s Thanksgiving episode, “Kate” was wearing some kind of save-the-pigs T-shirt.

I’m happy for Alicia that being a vegan has enlightened her, but the vegan spin is clearly overexposed at this point. It reminds me of being fourteen (pre-vegetarian) and having vegetarian friends point out how gross it was each time they caught me eating meat. I heard them the first five times. They thought they could shame me into being a vegetarian. Is this any better than prophesying? I believe anytime you have to beat people over the head about a cause, it’s alienating. Couldn’t “Kate” leave Alicia in her dressing room? I thought that was the point of the craft of acting.

EDIT- I have confirmed that "Miss Match" is only a HALF vegan set--that's cool.

*To eat what Alicia eats, have this catering company cater you next soiree. (As usual, I have nothing to gain from providing this information.)

Limelight Catering Inc.
11120 Chandler Bl
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 762-3390


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