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Nine Inch Nails News *Exclusive*

Part of: LA , Music , NYC

I hope Trent doesn't mind, but I thought it was about time that he got some publicity.

Breakfast at Tiffany's has learned that Trent Reznor is in Los Angeles recording his album with producer Rick Rubin. I've been a NIN fan for many years, but have never seen them live--very strange.

I almost got a job working for Nothing Records when I lived in NYC. I figured that going from Mute Records (Depeche Mode's label) to Nothing wouldn't be much of a stretch.

One time, I was at a party in NYC, and when I told some girl I worked for Mute she said, "Yeah, you look like a Mute person." My hair was dyed black and I wore funky clothes, so I guess that was what she meant, but no one else at Mute looked like me. I never got to hear that I looked like a Nothing girl, sigh.


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