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Blow Up

Part of: LA , Television

[Breakfast: blueberry scone]

I was reading my most prized section of Calendar Weekend, My Favorite Weekend and noticed that celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Antin was the subject du jour. It took me a few seconds to remember who he was. This is a normal occurrence with this section. I guess a lot of A-listers don’t want to give away their weekend secrets.

I continued reading through Antin’s favorite weekend thinking this guy is so metrosexual. He goes to Geoffrey’s all the time for dinner and brunch. Oh, and loves the Ivy and Matsuhisa. I cracked up when he described Matsuhisa:

It’s always better when I’m on a date and have the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life sitting across from me, but even if I’m just with my buddies everything is o.k.

Who describes women like that? Then, I finally caught an
episode of “Blow Out” on Bravo. I came to the conclusion that Antin seems really stereotypical LA--superficial and plastic. “I love you” is dolled out generously to wannabe-Jonathon-stylists. Maybe that’s how I should try to soothe my assistant. Antin's feathers get ruffled easily but he always looks perfect.

On Bravo’s website:

As a teenager, he was inspired by Warren Beatty's role in the award-winning hit movie Shampoo. It was then that Antin found his true calling in life. He soon dropped out of Beverly Hills High to enroll in the Fairfax Beauty Academy, where he quickly landed a job at a trendy West Hollywood salon. Like Beatty's hairstylist character, Antin's smoldering good looks, charisma, unique fashion sense and fresh approach proved irresistible.

P.S. I know this is from last Thursday's Calendar, but at least I wrote about the Olsens and celebrity journalists before they did.

P.P.S. Also, Defamer posted about "Blow Out" a day after me. Not a bad piece. Defamer has style now, which is nice. Wonder if LAComfidential's Insider posted before me?

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