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Gossip for Breakfast

Part of: Gossip

[Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs]

A few of you hate when I write about Hollywood gossip, but I needed a filler so you won’t get annoyed with me. Yes, I still have trip stories to tell. Star sightings are a bit boring to me, because I see famous people all the time. I just got back from the Rose Café in Venice and saw Alexis Bledel and her unattractive boyfriend. Of course they were conspicuously wearing Ray Ban 1980s sunglasses and looking around to see if anyone was staring at them. No one was. Note to Bledel: No one at The Rose probably watches "The Gilmore Girls". P.S. Please stop ruining movies with your small roles. Your acting is fine on GG, but doesn’t translate to the big screen.

Note to Nicky Hilton: Would you mind taking me on one of your shopping sprees? I see you shopping at least once a week at stores like Planet Blue on Montana Ave. How do you have time for a day job when you’re shopping all the time? Can you tell me your secret, please? I’ll mention you more on my blog…

Note to Jessica Biel: Good idea to chill on the collagen, but why do you look so old in photographs? In person you look so cute and fresh. Maybe you should fire your publicist. P.S. I’ve run into you a few times now and you seem genuinely cool and not full of yourself. Congrats!

I forgot that Owen Wilson gets on my nerves until he sat next to me at Babalu this past Saturday. He came in clutching The New Yorker and his precious BlackBerry. This in itself was fine, except he was with a friend and his friend’s son (?). So he was going to ignore them. The friend was probably his brother Andrew, but still. I thought I’d possible found Wilson quirky/attractive in a film or two, but in person he was not cute. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and had the worst bed head ever. I don’t like fake tans, but he’s one of the whitest people I’ve ever seen. Perhaps he cleans up really well. On the plus side, Wilson’s nose doesn’t look that bad in person- it doesn’t look like a small penis. You would think I would’ve been interested in eavesdropping on Wilson, but DK is far more interesting. However, I did take note that Wilson spent most of the time reading The New Yorker, eating his shrimp tacos and other dish while e-mailing on his Blackberry. DK pointed out that he could be e-mailing his friend at the table, because he was also on his BlackBerry a few times. Wilson said two sentences to the child at his table the entire time. Actors are so fucking self-absorbed.


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