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Transformer: Alba in Disguise

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[Breakfast: croissant and cafe au lait from Le Pain Quotidien]

Some actresses (like Halle Berry in "Swordfish") get naked when they need to radically change their image. Other actresses, like Jessica Alba, morph into blue-eyed blonde-haired white girls. This didn’t happen overnight, though. First Alba went from playing a half-black, half-Latina hip-hop dancer/choreographer in "Honey" to playing blonde-haired stripper "Nancy" in "Sin City". Perhaps Alba dyed her hair blonde because she just wanted to have more fun and then she got the role. Nah. Now after the release of stills from "Fantastic Four" this Alba-to-white-girl theory can't be ignored. Alba wears blue contacts in the film and has blonde hair--the white girl transformation is complete.

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Alba is quoted on IMBD explaining her thoughts on the subject:

My father is Mexican and very dark; my mother is very fair. I used to always get [script] breakdowns for things like Maria, the janitor's daughter who hangs around with white kids. I was born in the United States. I never thought about it until the industry made me think about being a Latin girl. It seemed like such a bizarre thing." (commenting on racial stereotyping).
Yeah, there’s like no way that ‘the janitor’s daughter who hangs out with white kids’ could have been born in the USA like Jessica Alba. I think it’s great that Alba has embraced her mother’s Danish-French heritage ‘cause it looks sooo much more "born in the USA" than her father’s Spanish-Mexican heritage.

But wait! Now that she’s playing all-American girl Sue Storm in "Fantastic Four" could it be that Alba’s career choices are just her own way of disowning her own heritage? As she said in a 2000 Maxim magazine interview :

I don’t even know how to speak Spanish, so how can I represent Latinos?
Or maybe she’s finally able to put her demons to rest:
I'm all mixed up so I tend to play roles that are sort of nondescript. I definitely can't play the waspy white girl, which sometimes I get a little heartbroken about, but what are you going to do?
Whatever the reason, she and her agent are laughing their way to the bank. I just hope dear Jess sees fit to invite her father to the premiere of "Fantastic Four" ---I hope he can remember what she looks like.


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