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Mr. and Mrs. Malibu

Part of: Brangelina , Gossip , LA

[Breakfast: a Bloody Mary and a slice of cold veggie pizza]

I always wondered when I would have my first Angelina Jolie sighting. I never dreamed that it would be at How’s Market in Malibu—tres unglamorous. Not only was Angie there, but also her paramour du jour, Mr. Brad Pitt. I probably wouldn’t have recognized him solo, because he had stubble, a backward baseball cap and sunglasses on, thus making him look like the #2 archetypal Malibute: late 30’s/early 40’s scruffy, pretty boy who isn’t afraid to get dirty. He has money but doesn’t flaunt it. Also see Daryl Hannah’s boy toys du jour.

What was surprising about the sighting was the arrogance seeping from Ms. Jolie. I would have expected for her to be low key, but she sashayed around like she was the hottest thing in sight—well, she really was. Still, I was disappointed that she had that insecure celebrity trait of making sure everyone in the vicinity was definitely aware of her presence. Come on Angie, if a person within a mile radius of you doesn’t feel the force that is you, then they really aren’t worthy. I also found it interesting that it was Brad who was giving Maddox all of the attention. I wouldn’t mind having him play nanny to my future kid/s. I hope that Angie eats some of that food, because she’s looking a bit too actress skinny for her own good.

P.S. Has anyone ever seen an ugly picture of Ms. Jolie?


L.A. Angelina Jolie Sighting


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