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Stoned! Kirsten Dunst

Part of: Food , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Stoned!

[Breakfast: a grilled banana and peanut butter sandwich]

I was lunching at Toast today and Kirsten Dunst was sitting at the next table with a girlfriend. I love how she wears black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses instead of those large old lady sunglasses or the Eurotrash glasses that are all the rage. She was also wearing a cute blue vintage dress with flats. When a guy who had been staring at the quirky starlet had left, Kirsten loudly exclaimed,

"...and she drinks and eats sandwiches, too!! "

(To be factual, KD was drinking Coke and eating a Club sandwich perhaps sans bacon...and she doesn't look anorexic.)

I couldn't help responding, "Well at least you eat, and I didn't see you go to the bathroom."

"Yeah, we're not all fucked-up," said Kirsten.

You gotta love that girl.


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