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Celebrity Sighting Du Jour

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A BAT correspondent wrote in:

Shannon Elizabeth at eat.sunset Monday night. she looked pretty and was wearing flattering/tight jeans and a sweater. Shannon was tall, like 5'8 or 9 (though I didn't see her shoes) her hair was what caught my eye, it was insanely shiny. Awe inspiringly shiny. Like a pantene commercial. Seriously. I wanted to touch it! Lol. She was with a woman who was dressed very business like and they had been eating with a man in a suit.
I like Shannon Elizabeth. Anyone who can dress like a guy (see above picture) and still look beautiful and feminine is cool. However, her estranged husband, Joseph Reitman, not only looks like a dog but he's also one for trying to go after her money as TMZ recently reported. He thinks he deserves half of everything she made during the 5 years that the couple lived together before their marriage. Supposedly they had made an oral agreement-WTF??? This loser should just thank the universe that he was married to her.


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I saw her ex out here in Philly last fall in the "VIP" room at some overhyped club-- he was with some skanky looking chick and the whole time my friend and I were just sitting there repeating over and over again "How the heck did he ever land Shannon Elizabeth???"

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