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Guess Who's Dating?

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Ryan Seacrest and Teri Hatcher. I can't say that I didn't see this coming. When Ry was interviewing Teri during E!'s pre-show--I believe at the SAG Awards--they were flirting. She was saying how they had a friend in common. I assumed that she meant Ryan's current lover. But she also commented on how she had started writing Ry an e-mail via E! News on her BlackBerry when she was driving. Sounds like Teri's been crushed out on Ry for awhile. How cute! I give them 2 months tops.

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Ryan Seacrest aka the Puppet
The Lobster and Miss Hollywood Assistant
Jamie Lee Curis on Young Hollywood


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"How cute! I give them two months tops."

You're such a bitch.

And I LOVE it.

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