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Michele Merkin Turning the Red Carpet into Foreplay

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The Style Network's own Michele Merkin from "Foody Call" obviously doesn't eat, so it's not surprising that she picks up on cute chicks instead. Is she a lezzy or was she just angling to get in with Carmen Electra so she could steal her man, Dave Navarro? Rumor is that they are having problems. Whatever it was, the former Maxim cover girl and Macy's lingerie model was coming on strong when she was interviewing Carmen on Oscar night.

MM: "Standing here with the sexy Carmen Electra. How do you do it?"

CE: "Well, you know, I’m only 5’3” and you’re how tall?"

MM: "I’m like 6 feet, but I’ve got heels so it’s not fair."

CE: "I’m a little shrimp. I’m little…you look gorgeous, so beautiful."

MM: "I love you by the way. I love you for saying that. Where’s Dave?"

CE: "He’s doing a radio show."

MM: "Hmmm…you’re still beautiful without Dave."

CE: "Well, it’s girls night out."

MM: "So any Oscars in your future?"

CE: "You know what? Right now, I’m just kind of having fun doing the silly stuff, like Scary Movie 4 that’s coming out in April…"

MM: "Well for Scary Movie 4, do you keep your clothes on or are you running through the sprinklers?"

CE: "…there is a scene…it wouldn’t be Scary Movie 4 if I kept my clothes on, so…"

MM: "And it really wouldn’t be fun to see you with all your clothes on because you’re so hot!!!"

CE: "I think I look better without clothes for some reason."

MM: "You want to take them off right now?"

CE: "Hey, if you take your clothes off, I’ll take mine off."

MM: "If I looked like you without them, I would."

CE: "Oh please…oh come on…Look at your body, it’s rocking…"

MM: "Like yours."

CE: "You actually have the best body I’ve ever seen, I think."

MM: "I love her. I think I’ve just fallen in love…I’ve fallen in love."

CE: "Your waist is like…you have no waist."

MM: "I love you."

CE: "It’s been a girlfest out here and I think I like it."

MM: "I know, I think I’m going to go in and find you later. Dave’s not here and I’m going to have a drink with Carmen (whispering)."

CE: "Will you be my date tonight?"

MM: "Oh baby. (pointing to herself). Hi, someone’s getting lucky, oh yeah!!!"


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