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Please Don't Kill Me Indiana Jones

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood
(Harrison and Calista Flockhart at the Sydney premiere of "Firewall")

Harrison Ford hates bloggers and the internet. I find this odd because my sources tell me that Ford is an alleged longtime stoner. Agro stoners are not a pretty sight. You'd think by now, at age 64, Ford wouldn't give a shit about what people said about him. Considering what other stars go through, Ford is being a big baby. Who even cares about him? I don't.

The actor, who plays a computer-security specialist in his latest film FIREWALL, sees a need to censor his words to avoid being misrepresented online. He says, "The worst thing about the internet is that anything and everything is up for grabs. How can that be, when I limit my public conversations to about once every couple of years? "Any kind of rubbish goes on the internet and it can have a f**king life of its own." [Contact Music]


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Umm...he had a son by his first marriage who went to UC Santa Cruz at the same time I did..I once saw him and Willard having sandwiches at the student union...if it WASN'T him shit it was the one guy who was the spitting image of him 16 years ago..

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