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Ari Gold Hearts The Lakers

Part of: Gossip , LA , Television

DK and I were sitting at the counter of The Counter restaurant last night.(Personally, I think that The Apple Pan should be called The Counter because there are only counter seats and The Counter should be called The Burger, but whatever.) I was popping yam fries into my mouth when I noticed that Jeremy Piven was being interviewed at the Lakers game on TV. I pointed him out to DK.

"And that's Joel Silver next to him," he said. DK is good at spotting uber producers.

"It's weird that he's wearing a suit."

DK noticed that the whole cast of "Entourage" was there. Aha! They were obviously filming a scene for the show. Those floor seats must have cost bank, too. As for The Counter, the burgers have gone downhill. Too much publicity for a restaurant can sometimes be a bad thing. I'm going to blame it on Oprah.


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I saw him driving the other day on La Brea above Hollywood, toupee kinda flappin' in the breeze. Still, I love me some Ari. And by extension, Piven.

I love Entourage. And Jeremy Piven's character is my favorite on the show.

Haha. Piven is gold. Wonder how they pulled off those lakers tickets? Freakin expensive / tough venue to film at.

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