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Seventeen's "Pro--Ana" Supplement

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Yes, all of the West Coast teenage rich bitches are anorexic and now Seventeen magazine is trying to capitalize on it. Whom best to edit this "Seventeen supplement about 'West Coast luxury fashion,'" called Deluxe but stylist-to-only-anorexic stars, Rachel Zoe? Rachel Zoe loves to dress stars like client and friend Nicole Richie (both seen in above picture looking like twins). These looks totally don't work it you can pinch a quarter of an inch, so don't even try. I'm glad that there's finally a magazine for rich girls with eating disorders.

Via WWD:

The idea of a magazine produced only for Seventeen's wealthiest readers is somewhat at odds with the big-tent approach Rubenstein has pursued since taking over the magazine in 2003. She acknowledged that, saying, "That's why we're not calling it Seventeen," but added, "We are constantly, through our various brand extensions, talking to various portions of our readership. I always liken Seventeen to Central Park: It's the place to be for young people, but within it there are various niches." Like, young people whose parents buy them a new Lexus when they turn 16.
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