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Double Feature: Starring Lindsay Lohan

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Lindsay Lohan , Paris Hilton

Lindsay is a half 'fashionista du jour' is these pictures. I love her top in the first picture--I'd totally buy it. It would be so cute with skinny black or grey jeans by J Brand. But she wore it with biker shorts. Those shorts are only appropriate in the gym or on bicyclists--preferably male ones. The second outfit is cute from the waist down, though the shorts would be better on a beach holiday. The shoes are cute, but what was she thinking about that guy's vest? Maybe it belongs to Stavros Niarchos and she wanted his scent on him all day--ah, how cute.

Speaking of Miss Lohan's boytoy du jour, Page Six reported today that Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton got into a shouting match over Stavros at NYC hotspot Butter the other night. Lohan also angered Sean Combs' posse by not sharing her table with him and for generally being too loud and obnoxious. Combs' security got her escorted out of the club. I don't know why Paris and Lindsay were fighting, because they are both known for being sluts--you'd think they could bond over talking about their conquests.

I don't know. Poor Lindsay has no good role models with her dad in jail and a mother who behaves like a teenager. One of my sources heard an exchange between Lindsay and her mother Dina that breaks my heart. Lindsay was heard telling Dina, "Let's go, Mom!" Dina replied, "I want to stay for one more round." Dina has previously been spotted in clubs with her daughter and has allegedly been seen doing cocaine. It's too bad that she can't be a positive influence for her daughters.

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