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Happy Monday!

Part of: Brangelina , Slice of Life

Hope you are having a better Monday than moi. I got a flat tire on my way to an acupuncture appointment today, so that's why I haven't posted. I called my acupuncturist and she had a medical emergency. DK was driving me around and a bad accident happened right in front of us. There is some wacky energy out there today, so beware.

Meanwhile, enjoy these top secret pictures of Brangelina at their baby shower in Namibia. Apparently, someone stole these pictures...

There couldn't have been that many people at the baby shower. I haven't heard of a baby shower game called pin the hottie with the boa, but I guess it must be hard to come up with games that Angelina would pre-approve. Angie didn't seem too pleased with the donut pillow that she was gifted. You know she's like, "WTF? I don't need a dorky pillow. I'd rather suffer." Below we have another gorgeous picture of Angelina and Zahara. There's also a recent picture of Angelina taking Maddox to school. I wonder if all the little boys are jealous that Madd has such a hot Mommy? I would be jealous of the fact that he only has to spend a few weeks a year in a regular school.


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