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K.D. Looks "Ana"

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip

[Breakfast: a slice of raspberry and hazelnut cake and green ginger Tazo tea]

I know I've said in the past that Kirsten Dunst doesn't appear too skinny in person, but this picture of her in a bikini taken in Cannes proves otherwise. Her stomach and upper body look disgusting. The picture below shows K.D. in healthier times. Note that she had breasts in this picture and her bones aren't jutting out. K.D. needs to eat some real food, exercise and cut out the cigs and coffee diet.

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are u kidding!!! what a sexy body! look at those hips and that sweet mound!! she is perfect.

I love love love KD but I have to agree on this...She could stand to gain a little somthin' I love her though

the water is cold, in fact, she´s freezing. That´s why she looks like that. she´s just holding her breath, just like anybody reacts on cold water. she looks relaxed on the movie-picture. She´s not relaxed on the other so you can´t compare them! And did u forget that they very often remake womens bodies in movies, to make them look better?

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