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Olsen Twins Retrospective

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , LA , The Olsens

I have to admit that I've been housesitting in Malibu all day. I've been doing some daydreaming about story ideas for BAT and eating and drinking. I really shouldn't be doing much of the latter due to the fact that my weight is up because of my trip to Europe. Even thought I walked a lot, I ate and drank way more than usual. But this is standard for Europe. Shortly, I am due to get a massage by a massage therapist who is going to give Jeremy Piven a massage at his Malibu abode afterward. And yes I know where The Piv lives, but will not divulge that info here, sorry. Let's just say that given Piv's address, he makes bank. BTW, "Entourage" was good last night.

Some of you guys are obsessed with the Olsen twins, so this recent retrospective is for you. The first picture on the left was taken a little over two years ago. The last two were taken in the last few weeks. Has Mary-Kate turned sister Ash into a Goth?

Ashley Olsen is soo turning into her sister (on left). Or maybe she's just lazy and borrowing Mary-Kate's clothes. Whatever it is, she needs to start dressing more glam again.

At least she hasn't borrowed Mary-Kate's hooker shoes or fugly hat yet!

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i love mary-kate and ashley so i love this site ...

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