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Remember Gwen's Gucci baby carrier that I made fun of? For once in my life my snark has bitten me in the ass.

A reader in the know writes:

Actually it WAS a gift, and Gwen, unlike a lot of celebs, doesn't care what people think and would rather she show respect to the person who gave it to her by wearing it out in public.

The person who gave it to her is quite old and her taste is over the top, but her heart was in the right spot. I say Cheers to Gwen. Especially since it is so over the top.

Ahhh...that explains it. I would love to see a picture of this older woman dressed to the 9's. I'd also love to go to her house and see if she has Gucci water bowls and dishes for her pets. I'm jealous because I wish someone would buy a Gucci cat carrier for my Gucci cat.


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