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How to Lose Weight in 10 Days

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Food , Hollywood

[Breakfast: biscotti and green tea]

Kate Hudson is set to write a self-help book for new mothers who want to lose weight. She explains:

I was depressed. I was the happiest, jolliest pregnant woman, then I had the baby and then I was just fat... I didn't lose any weight delivering…I went from losing 10 pounds to nothing for weeks and I had to do a movie (Skeleton Key). I would just sit there crying, but when you finally get there, you feel so good. [via The Sun]
It must be especially hard for an actress to deal with the pressure to lose weight ASAP because Hollywood is so superficial. You know that Kate gained 70 pounds because she was used to starving herself and then she got to eat real food and couldn’t stop. That’s why she was the ‘jolliest pregnant woman.’ I don’t know how a regular woman is supposed to relate to an actress who had two trainers and time to work out for at least 2 hours a day to quickly lose weight for a movie. I saw Skeleton Key and Kate‘s weight was that of a normal healthy woman. She ended up losing all of her weight in 4 months.
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