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Mod Makeup--Who Wore it Best?

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Mischa Barton , Television

[Breakfast: pain au chocolate and an iced coffee]

This mod look is obviously inspired by the upcoming movie Factory Girl. The question is: Who wore it best? Mischa, Carmen or Rachel?


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I don't think any of them wear it at all. that isn't mod makeup.

and factory girl is going to make Edie Sedgwick look like a stupid blonde hollywood bimbo.

What's mod about that? If anything, Carmen is wearing it best, but that isn't the point. It's far from mod.

how could you compare the styles of misha, carmen & rachel to mod at all? it'a not even close.

uhm; yes they are using mod makeup!
see the dark eyes, and the Light lips?
tottaly MoD

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