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My New Template, Etc.

Part of: Random

Breakfast: cantaloupe and cottage cheese.

Please bear with me while I figure this out. Ah, I feel like people are watching my face lift.

Other news: I know some of you are thinking I'm lazy and that's why I haven't written my Movie City News column in a couple of months.

When I was acutely sick, I did do some writing (outside of here) but it wasn't coming out right. Even my writing in here was lacking. I feel like my writing has picked up this week.

I couldn't eat protein for weeks and weeks after I got my stomach thing, and I wasn't eating a normal diet. Only in the last 2 weeks have I been able to eat most food again. This week was the first week I started exercising again.

My brain definitely has not been working as well. My short term memory was shot. I also didn't have much of an attention span.

This week I am back writing again. Luckily, David Poland has empathy for the sick. Now if he could just get the link working to one of my favorite stories, "Confessions of A Nobu Virgin" he'd be a saint.

FYI,I am not alone in my tardiness. I need to write one of my favorite MCN columnists, Patricia Vidal, who hasn't written a column since my last one and see what's up.


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