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I Really Work in the Porn Industry

Part of: Random

Breakfast: Avocado and jack cheese omelette with hashbrowns and a biscuit.

I don't ususually post comments like these, but this one was so hilarious, I had to. News to me that I've ever worked in the porn industry. Does anyone know what my job title was? Aesop left this comment with no e-mail address or homepage--what a surprise.

From Aesop: "Was your commentary on Paris Hilton and her lifestyle perpetuated by jealousy, envy or was it a freudian case of subconscious adulation? Don't get me wrong; I enjoy a good cat fight as much as the next guy. But you really should avoid trying to take the moral high ground with international celebrities unless your goal is to (fraudulently) become the next Ann Landers/Miss Manners. After having met both you and Paris in person, your commentary is, at very best, irrelevant. Once your name has been removed from and disassociated with the pornography industry, you might want to fire that moral propaganda machine back up and see if there are still any chumps left who are willing to buy whatever it is you are selling."

"Ps. Reading your blog has been fun. Your writing appears to be improving. One suggestion: try removing the word "I" from your vocabulary for a few weeks. It has a nasty way of affecting a story's tone, if you gnome sane. :)"

Updated Aesop: "Since starting in the summer of 1997, Ford has become the favorite whipping boy of the U.S. porn industry, a self-styled "family" of 500 or so performers, directors, producers, distributors, screenwriters and technicians concentrated almost exclusively in the San Fernando Valley."

'Luke Ford is a creation of his time. He's the journalistic suckerfish on the shark of X.'

"None of this seems to trouble Ford: porn is his niche and he's quite happy to have the exclusive franchise."

"My friend Tiffany Stone and I visited the Los Angeles bureau of Forbes magazine Tuesday where we met RiShawn Biddle (born 4/12/74) and bureau chief Seth Lubove. Then we went to lunch at an Italian place in Santa Monica with Rishawn. I ordered a vegetarian pizza with fresh tomatoes, Tiffany had a salad and RiShawn ordered chicken."

Luke: "How did you become a journalist?"

Tiffany giggles.

Aesop writes: "Also, i filled in the 'Your e-mail:' field again, same as last time. You should enable image tags so people can post pics to your blog."

Tiffany writes:Yeah, that's a great idea, Aesop. Where did we meet each other? BTW: Luke Ford sold a few years ago. His current site is

Journalist Luke Y. Thompson writes: "If hanging out with Mr. Ford makes one a porn star, virtually ever freelance journalist in L.A. is a porn star."

Aesop Updated: "I stand nothing to gain by revealing my identity here, so that's not gonna happen. Originally found your site while conducting a metasearch on a keyword that is included in one of my messages. Do some digging and you might figure it out. It was fun contributing to your blog and exciting to see my original comment found its way to the top of the front page! Good luck with everything. I leave you and your readers with..."


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