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Dell Sucks

Part of: Random

Never ever buy a Dell computer. The computers and customer service are horrible. I know it's supposed to be the opposite with Dell. If you rarely use your computer it is possible that it works OK. I am on my second traded in computer and it's almost dead. I might be slow at returning e-mails for the next week or so. If you're a real life friend, please call me instead of e-mailing. I have other computer access but will not have it all the time. I will still be updating here. If any nice Mac employee wants to donate a computer to me, you can be my first advertiser. (And, yes, now would be the time to donate money to BAT dear readers. If everyone donated five bucks I could get a new computer) Seriously, I have wasted hours of my time on the phone with Dell over the last three years. I know others who have had the same experience.


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