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Reader Mail

Part of: Random


Alex writes (re: Jason Trawick):

"I took your advice and I purchased VITALS MAGAZINE, you were right on the money - he's damn hot - do you think he swings both ways??? If so, I would like to get a hold of him. Do you know him?"

Tiffany writes:

"Alex, I'm glad that a gay man agrees with my assessment. I don't have any idea if Mr. Trawick is bi. I do not know him personally and never give out personal contact information. Sorry!"

Jennifer Caple writes:

"What's up Tiffany? You haven't been writing much lately, you must be busy with a project. Just wanted to know I miss reading your writing. Hurry up with whatever is keeping you."

Tiffany writes:

"It's nice to be loved. Will write more, I promise. I have been busy."

Pepito Smith writes:

"I saw it! You broke one of your own rules of not writing about dating yet you did pull it. It was making me seethingly jealous anyhow. For the record I miss your writing and love you as much as one could love someone they hardly know as well. By the way you're welcome for the love. I wish to thank you also for everything you give me as a writer and yes I am a writer whether I like it or not."

Tiffany writes:

"Uh, yeah, you caught me. In the end, I felt uncomfortable about breaking my rule."


"I stumbled upon your blog the other day and love, love, love it. I think you are living the life I would have if I was single and living in CA (including the script reading). I will therefore continue to read your blog and live vicariously thru it.I linked you from my blog, hope you don't mind. Cheers!"

"I forgot to add that we even look alike. Same hair, eyes (although mine are blue), fair skin and your picture even has my cell phone. I think I'm getting freaked out now..."


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