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[Breakfast: an apple suncake and green tea]

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Gwyneth Paltrow is on the scene again after taking time off to enjoy Apple and Moses. She's mostly photographed wearing black dresses these days--probably because she feels fat. I hope that she doesn't go too far in losing the baby weight, because she was gross skinny for many years. I also hope that she cuts her hair ASAP. I know that Gwyneth grew her hair out, but she probably has some extensions mixed in. On most older women long hair isn't flattering. It makes them look older. Gwyn should considering cutting it. If I went to an event that she was attending, I'd bring scissors and cut it myself. Gwyneth does look pretty in this Burberry dress. I used to think that Burberry was for women over 40 and kind of conservative, but they do have some cool modern designs.

* Yes, that's Helena Christensen in the background of the second picture.


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Who's that in the background of the right picture? She looks like an un-pretty Helena Christensen.
And when did Gwyneth get tits? Suits her.

is gwyneth what you consider an "older woman"????

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