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America's Next Top Model 'Ana' Alert

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I get tired of doing celebrity ‘Ana Alerts’ so I thought I’d throw a reality star into the mix. America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 7 kind of sucks considering some of my favorites were nixed early on, but now that there are only 5 girls left, the competition is more interesting. This brings me to Melrose Bickerstaff, the wannabe model that you either love or love to hate. During the competition she’s lost an alarming amount of weight. She’s obviously felt the pressure of being the shortest girl. The lack of weight also makes her look much older than 23.

Yesterday the death of Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston, got me thinking. The 21-year-old was 5’8 and only weighed 88 pounds at the time of her death. I think that Melrose is the same height. After a long search for more ‘ana’ pictures of Melrose, I discovered the bottom photos taken just 2 days ago. Melrose has gained at least 10 pounds since the show and looks healthy now and her age. The fact that she was photographed at an event probably means that she didn’t win ANTM or get first runner-up--hopefully, Caridee won. I assume that Melrose is pursuing an acting career now along with fashion design. That's a relief because she's beyond annoying on ANTM.

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Are they into the episodes without writers yet? CBS or who-ever fired all 12 when they wanted stuff like basic health care.

Man, that's so sad. I wonder where the pressure to lose that much weight comes from... society, I guess. But then that implies someone likes it, and most don't seem to... maybe they secretly do?

Hello, I just wanted to say to Melrose, you got robbed, I think you were the best choice for the winner, I am sorry you didnt win, I think you would've made a great and fantastic model.

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