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'Ana' Australians Still Vanishing

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood
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It seems like Cate Blanchett has a slight edge over Nicole Kidman in the who-will- turn-into-a-ghost-first race. Nicole works out, so it's harder to see how skinny she is with the added muscle tone. At the Rome Film Festival she braved the red carpet in what appears to be a light colored sequin dress. This should not be attempted by most women because a sequin dress is not usually flattering. It should only be worn if you're trying to make curves. Though, Nicole is trying to partially cover her stomach with her hands, so she can't be all that comfortable in the dress. Cate Blachett stands confident in her metallic dress at last night's Hollywood premiere of Babel. Next time she should wear a brighter color so she doesn't disappear in the lights.

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