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BritPari -- The New Campari only wilder

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Hmm..not only are Paris and Britney new BFF, but they are *gag* coordinating their outfits. How sad is that? Obviously, Paris is in control of their costumes. The two think it's appropriate to traipse around Hollywood (at Teddy's and Hyde) wearing a French maid-esque (Paris) outfit and down-and-out rock star (Britney) look. The two are also ready for Christmas judging from their outfits top right. BTW: I didn't need to see Brit's breasts again. Below left we have the two in animal prints, and on the right BritPari are dressed like boys during one of their first public outings together in Vegas. I wonder if they're dating?

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I really wish these young ladies would remove the fake hair, it looks hideous!

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