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Eva Green's Red Carpet Poses

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Is Eva Green real or a mannequin? At the Amsterdam premiere of Casino Royale she must have been smoking something to come up with such a zoned out pose. And no one told her that when you do the I'm-showing-you-the-back-of-my-dress pose that you are supposed to look over your shoulder so your face is in the picture. Seriously, where's a publicist when you need one?

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At the French premiere, Eva got goofy. I don't know where that dog came from, because to my knowledge it doesn't play a major part in Casino Royale. Could I have been so absorbed watching the movie that I missed a dog playing a villan? It's possible, but I doubt it. And who is Eva shushing in the other picture? She really needs to take a course on red carpet posing, because the French premiere was like her third red carpet.

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Ugly hair, makeup, and a bemused expression all belonged to Eva at the world premiere of Casino Royale in London. Such a shame. (Her vampy pose somehow didn't work either.) At least she had one good picture. Maybe someone like Keira Knightley could kindly take Eva under her wing and teach her how to pose.

P.S. Just forget about Eva's lame pictures and see Casino Royale. It's one of the best movies of the year and Chris Cornell's Bond song does not suck contrary to what some might argue.

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In the Amsterdam pics...I was momentarily confused that the second pic was the same as the first - her back looks like her front.

Awww. I like Eva. She tickles me.

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