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Fashion Thursday: Tiffany's Blue

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Lindsay Lohan
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Since I am out of town on Friday and probably won't be posting, I decided to have Fashion Thursday this week. We're starting it off with my blog's favorite color: Tiffany's blue. Halle Berry has a Tiffany & Co. bag in the middle photo in case you don't know what color I'm talking about. Fortunately, only Julia Roberts' Birkin bag is an exact match. I say that because true Tiffany's blue is too good for Emmy Rossum and Lindsay Lohan. Emmy looks like she's going on a first date, but totally overdressed. I can't decide if she annoys me as much as Anne Hathaway. I used to get them confused. The only thing good I'll say about her is that she's healthy skinny. Then we have Linds. Does she not look like a porn star in that dress? Eww. She also has the worst hair extensions ever and looks like she's on drugs. These pictures are harder to come by these days. I hope you appreciate it.


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I really enjoy the handbag related posts you have been writing of late.

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