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JLO vs. Lindsay

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[Breakfast: a low-fat pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and chamomile tea]

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It's a fur fantasy! JLo looks like Cinderella at TomKat's wedding, but Cind would soo not wear fur. Then we have Lindsay in London who drops the hanger by wearing a fur bathrobe. Crazy, eh? It is a something that Elizabeth Taylor would have worn in her youth, but not outside of her boudoir. And she would have worn real fur. This coat has to be fake considering that Linds gave up fur just days before last Wednesday's World Music Awards. She was going to be named by PETA as this year's Worst Dressed Celebrity. Now that would have really tarnished her image. Last year Paris Hilton won the top honor. Whether Linds will morph into a fur loving JLo Diva diva in the future remains to be seen.

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