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Makeup Trends

Part of: Ashlee Simpson , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Lindsay Lohan , Mischa Barton , Sienna Miller
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OMG! I found a good picture of Anne Hathaway where she doesn't look like a goofy nerd. Her makeup is natural yet sophisticated with a pinkish lip and shimmer on the cheekbones and brow. I like how her eyes are strong but not overwhelming. Mischa Barton (first photo on bottom) has a similar look that's heavier. Doesn't she look like a doll? Her makeup is the harsher, older Rachel Zoe look. Ashlee Simpson's (2nd on top) makeup was obviously inspired by a rainbow and reminds me of the eighties but in sixties colors. Maybe her makeup artist was stoned when she was doing her makeup. Kate Winslet (third on top) has perfect natural makeup. That's what I strive for everyday. Sienna Miller's almond shaped eyes look like cat eyes. Again, she's very plain looking (DK couldn't figure out who she was). A softer lip and cheeks would have made her look younger. Lindsay Lohan thinks she's Elizabeth Taylor. I like how her lipstick isn't precise yet her eyes are perfect. Unfortunately, her skin looks older and sun damaged. The biggest trends shown here are a pink or a natural colored lip, loads of pink blush, a defined eye and more natural looking foundation.

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