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I'm starting to think that I should wear a wig. It's so convenient, and I could have a different one for every mood, occasion and season. I'm a little confused about quality wigs. All of these women have enough money to buy the best wigs, yet you wouldn't know it. I hope they didn't pay their hair stylists to use straightening irons on their fake hair. Of course, Gwen Stefani doesn't count because she was wearing her wig for her brilliant AMA performance. Her new single rocks! I'm so used to seeing Paris' hair that I don't care anymore, but did she let Britney Spears borrow one of her old wigs? Tres tragic. I know that Nelly Furtado is working the 'Promiscuous' look, but her hair looks as fake as Gwen's. And isn't she trying way too hard to be sexy? She was touching her breasts during her musical performance and it wasn't sexy. She used to be so natural and now her whole act and look is contrived. Katherine McPhee looks hot, but should stick with wavy hair.

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