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Ali Lohan: 13 Going on 20

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Lindsay Lohan , Music
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OMG, it's finally happened: Ali Lohan has morphed into Lindsay. Oh, and I meant Lindsay on a bad day. Little Ali Lohan showed up at the VH1 awards wearing way too much makeup. No one blushes the shade of her cheeks naturally unless they are beyond embarrassed or had rigorous sex. Where is Dina Lohan when you need her? Her outfit can only be described as modern day pirate. Remember this famous starlet who dressed like a pirate? I hope that doesn't mean that Rachel Zoe is styling Ali. Ali Lohan's is out and about doing publicity for her debut Christmas album. I would think that looking her age (like in the pictures below) would help her album sales more than channeling her older sister.

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I like Ali Lohan & Lindsay I a massive Fan Of Both Of Them There Are So Cool anyway i think Ali Lohan Dose Not Wear To much make up i think she wears just the right amount i think so i love Ali & Lindsay I Have All Lindsay films & I have Both Of her Albums There Are 2 of Them & I Have Posters & I Have & Scrapbook Of Lindsay & I have Ali Albums Both Of Them There Are 2 of them.
Bye Luv Anna -x-x-x-

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