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Lovely Thandie Newton has been doing press for Pursuit of Happyness and I'm proud of her. I'm proud of her or her stylist because one or both of them realize that being too thin is gross and clothing should not bring attention to this fact. Some of you came down on me a while back for saying that Thandie was using breast-feeding as an excuse for being too thin. Apparently some women get very slim from breast-feeding alone. Then a month or so later I found some interesting quotes in the British version of Harper's Bazaar (June 2006) where she admitted to having bulemia at one point. I was really surprised at how candid she was in the interview.

"Outwardly fragile, this mother of two is the size of an athletic 15-year-old. Rumours abound about an eating disorder, but Newton insists that, apart from a spell of bulemia in her early twenties following her unhappy relationship with the director John Duigan, she does not have food issues. She says that she was, at the time, 'already incredibly slim -- thin, I guess. It was nothing to do with the way I looked. I just felt so empty, so emotionally destitute.' Despite her happy marriage and two children, the relationship she had with the director John Duigan who discovered her at 16 and cast her in Flirting [also Nicole Kidman's first film] continues to haunt her. Duigan was 23 years her senior. 'It wasn't a healthy relationship. it really wasn't, she says. 'Lots of denying, lots of lying, nastiness, sexual depravity, whatever.'"

OK. Thandie is fucked up and had a bad childhood like 99% of actors. She and her brother were the only black kids in her town growing up which wasn't easy. As a talented dancer she went to boarding school at age 11 and wasn't allowed to see her parents until she was 13. What kind of boarding school was that? Then at 16 she she was abused and taken advantage of by the director of her first film. Oh, and she had to film Pursuit of Happyness for three weeks shortly after giving birth to her second child Nico. She chose to come to the States alone because her daughter had just started school, so she didn't want to disrupt her. Yeah, so she had to lose weight rapidly for a film role. She's still probably recovering from her eating disorder. That mixed with Hollywood's pressure to be a size 0 can't be healthy. Whatever. Thandie is one of the most beautiful actresses alive and hopefully she'll become a bigger star.

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