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Brit's Distressed Jeans

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DK tried to buy a pair of non-distressed jeans recently at Lucky Jeans and Saks Fifth Avenue and there literally weren't any. He settled for a minorly distressed pair of Chip and Peppers. Above we have Britney in a pair of majorly distressed jeans. I was thinking how unflattering they were when I came across this picture. (BTW: Grey jeans are also unflattering.) Then I was flipping through Vogue the other day and came across a shocking statement by two "It" designers, Proenza Schouler. They are also doing Target's next Go International Collection.

'We hate distressed jeans, ' says Lazaro. 'They make you look fatter," says Jack. 'And those weird whiskers...' Lazaro says. At the mention of whiskers, Jack looks at Lazaro. 'Whiskers?' Jack says. 'Those things around the crotch,' says Lazaro. 'Ewww!' Jack says. 'You know , I was looking at Helmut Lang Jeans, old ones -- they were distressed, but he could do it so well...'

Distressed jeans are so out. Donate yours to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.


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Yeah right. Find a picture of someone in jeans without any kind of distressing/stonewash/acidwash that doesn't make them look like a fat nerd and I'll believe you.

dude...ripped/distressed jeans are SO in...check the punks/emos on west side.....i SOOOO wear those

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