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Stars Holiday Shopping

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Kitson is one of those stores that I go in and never find anything I like. I really don't get the hype, because it just seems like another overpriced store to me. (I feel the same way about Intuition.) It bums me out that Angelina Jolie shops there. I thought she'd shop somewhere else like 3rd St. in West Hollywood or Abbot Kinney in Venice instead of the trendiest store ever. Oh, well. At least The Olsens don't shop there. They prefer Barneys and Maxfield's. Denise Richards shops at Kitson with her daughter. Wow..a celebrity shopping with their child--that's rare. Nicolette Sheridan looks beyond scary. I mean, who wakes up and decides that the perfect outfit for shopping is a hooker-esque one? Come's totally Pretty Woman goes modern.

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Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore love Melrose. They've been photographed in the past at Fred Segal's and Marc Jacobs. I don't know if Jennifer Garner had the best time shopping at Burberry's in Beverly Hills. She should not wear black and white. Katie Holmes doesn't seem particularly happy to be shopping at Marc Jacobs, either. I would be psyched. Not to be Katie Holmes! To be at Marc Jacobs buying whatever I wanted.

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KD (Kirsten Dunst) probably goes to Marc Jacobs every week to pick up something that Marc designed just for her. After all, it's important to keep your muses happy. Nicole Richie was ready to throw her yellow bag in a paps face for papping her in Fred Segal's. I wonder what Reese is thinking at Neiman Marcus?


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is that a rolling pin around nicolette's neck?

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