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A New Year and New Hair

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , The Olsens

[Breakfast: a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and green tea]

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Can't MK and Ashley Olsen commit to anything? At least Ashley waited a few weeks before going blonde again. I was beginning to like her as a brunette and MK's hair was even growing on me. MK should just go and get a big skull and cross bone (or skeleton) tattoed on her arm already. I'm sick of that Alexander McQueen scarf. Does she really need to own it in every color? I'm also sick of her S&M ankle boots. Leave them in the bedroom, MK! However, I do love her boho purse.

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Ashley is blonde and boring again. I really was interested in her for a minute. Crazy, eh? I wouldn't mind owning her quilted leather jacket on the left. I also wouldn't mind being able to afford something from Marni. Oh, fine, I will say something nice about Ashley. It looks like she bought two huge black suitcases from a cheap luggage store on Hollywood Blvd. Then again, it could've been a gift for her bodyguard or assistant.

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Those are her 'Magical DoRreMi' witchling shoes.

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