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Breakfast At Tyra's (NOT)

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[Breakfast: fruit and yogurt with oats]

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OMG, I practically died when I saw these pictures of Tyra Banks in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. She's one of the least Audrey Hepburnish people --in character and looks--that I know of. She's also completely unlike Audrey Hepburn's character, Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The accompanying article made me cringe even more.

Tyra on Farts:

'I'm very gassy", says Tyra Banks, telling Janet Jackson about her irritable bowel syndrome. 'But I feel lke I can telegraph my farts...If it is going to be funky I'll let it out and I'll be like 'Dang! Who did that?' "

Tyra on Men:

[Tyra thought dating would get easier after she started her talk show] 'It's worse...I always tell a guy that I'm dating: I don't need you, I want you. But a lot of them are like' -- alarmed face -- 'I want you to need me. I don't want you to want me!'

Tyra on her Success:

'Just a year ago I was a model, your know what I'm saying? Walking down the runway in my friggin' panties for Victoria's secret.' (She officially retired in 2005.) 'And now Time magazine is saying I'm one of the most influential people in the world?' She mugs as if taken aback."

Did you know that Tyra has another reality show in development called America's Latest Top Model Loser? O.K. that's not quite the name--the real title is The Glamorous Life, about what happens to an ANTM loser after they go back..."to their 'obscure life'. " Ew, that sounds mean and boring. Sure Tyra is successful but she's no Oprah Winfrey and never will be. I'd like to see that Time magazine article that calls her "one of the most influential people in the world." WTF? There are very few people you could say this statement about and Tyra Banks is nowhere near the caliber of these people.

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I think Tyra is trying too hard to be a "real person" and not an out of touch with the real world celebrity. "I don't need a man and I'll fart when I tell him" (insert 2 snaps around the world with a 360 of the neck. Oh yeah and that Time magazine article? It's true. May 8 2006 issue

I think she's funny and extremely honest most of the time.

Tyra is totally airbrushed in those photos...she is so not that skinny anymore and for what she promotes on her talk show about being confidant about your body she sure isn't showing any confidance in her own body!!

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