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Fashion Friday: Scarlett Lips

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Red bags and red shoes are soo 2006. Now it's all about the red lip. Maggie Grace and MK painted their lips red to go with their new brown and blonde hair, respectively. Red can be read as slutty or old-school Hollywood. What do you think?

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OMG, that's the most Hollywood picture of Gwen Stefani that I've ever seen. I like her brick-colored red lips, but what's up with Gavin's fugly shoes? They were made to be puked on. Speaking of puking, why does Victoria Beckham have to wear such a high class hooker's outfit? She even looks like she's on drugs. Christina Aquilera reminds me of the two late thirtysomethings in track suits and way too much makeup that I saw at brunch yesterday. Too much makeup looks women look older and not younger--duh!


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i don't know...christina looks pretty good to me in that picture. way better than either of those 2 at the top, and better than usual. how is she still famous though? must be a pretty good money manager.

I like Victoria's "hooker" look! It suits her just fine. And she probably is on drugs, so give a girl a break!

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