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Pretty boy Clive Owen now dabbles in makeup. He will be the face of Lancome's Hypnôse Homme and men's anti-aging skin-care range in their spring ads. Question: Does Clive appeal to gay or straight men or both? If his face appears on the Lancome packaging, I'll buy the whole line for every guy I know. [Source]

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MK told Bliss magazine that she looks to guys like Johnny Depp for style tips. OMG! I so called that Johnny Depp was her muse like three years ago. It's soo obvious. [Source]

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Jeremy Piven is such a dick. Now he's claiming that he's not friends with John Cusack anymore because John is jealous of his success. Yeah, that will be the day when a successful movie star is jealous of a TV actor. Jeremy obviously had a crush on John that was unrequited and couldn't take the rejection like a man. [Source]

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What's the big deal about Marilyn Manson dating Evan Rachel Wood? He's always had a fondness for children. A friend of mine dated him when she was 14 and he was 22. Dita Von Teese should have realized this before she married him, duh!! I would have totally told her if she had asked me. [Source]


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Marilyn is sicko and needs a gal like Britney to liven things up in his life! Even he would be afraid., very afraid after a whirlwind romance with her.

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