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America's Next Top Model Sucks

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I don't know why America's Next Top Model is even called that. They certainly aren't looking for America's Next Top Model or they wouldn't have kicked off Brittany Hatch (seen above) last night. Brittany could have been the modeling industry's next It girl. Oh, but she didn't even make it to the top three. No, that slot will be reserved for "tranny-girl "Jaslene, "manly" Renee and "flaring nostrils" Dionne. ANTM sucks beyond belief now, and I will not be watching the rest of the season. I'm not concerned about Brittany becoming successful despite not winning the show. One of my favorite models from ANTM Cycle 1, Elyse Sewell (seen below), didn't win the show but is the most successful of any of the past season's winners or contestants. She also has a great blog where she writes about living in Hong Kong and traveling the world as a model. So don't fret Britt!

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I like Brit. But she can't win the competition.

Brittany Hatch is very beautiful,but she only know how to take beautiful photoes.

She can't walk on runway,she lies about her short memories, she got thousands of excuses to blame on others, she is emotional,she freaks-out in front of clients!

She shouldn't stay.

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