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Britney Dress Watch -- Part 3

Part of: Britney , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Music
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By now it's clear that Britney is serious about wearing dresses daily. She even has theme dresses like the pink one on the far left. I assume that her cousin took one of Brit's leftover chiffon dance skirts and attached it to a matching tank top--so ingenious! Then we have Britney's dress that she wore for a fast food outing in Redlands or Palm Springs. The paps were wondering why she'd drive so far for fast food and then come back to LA. If I were Britney, I'd drive to Oregon for a few hours and then come home--you have to mess with the paps sometimes. I know that a lot of you have been complaining about Britney's ugly brown boots, but what about her new grey boots and her flouncy dress? Her grey boots are so fugly that they're kind of cool. They really don't go with her flouncy dress, though.

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Pro-tanner Brit knows how sexy white is next to tanned skin. Maybe if I were as wealthy as Brit, I would wear white dresses all the time. I can't stand how white gets dirty every time you wear it. I like Brit's outfit on the right head-to-toe...shocking, I know.

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Brit's Philip Lim mom dress on the left kind of works on her. I mean, she is a mom. The dress on the right is so blah. It should only be worn as a beach cover-up or at-home wear. (I know you're thinking that applies to the dress on the left, too.) At least Brit is getting out and about a lot and looks happy, not crazy.

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