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Boho Fashionistas Du Jour

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It must suck to be Maggie Gyllenhaal. The poor dear has spent most of her twenties being left alone by the paparazzi, but now that she has a baby the paps are all over her. Oh, and she started dressing better. I'm not sure if that resulted from the paps interest in her pregnancy or because her publicist made her hire a stylist. I do know that Maggie's outfit is the epitome of East Village boho wear. Maggie's cute half top probably ran her $10 in a vintage store. At first glance Sienna Miller's jacket looks vintage, but if you click on the thumbnail you'll see that it's not. She probably spent a minimum $700 on it. Anyway, I never thought I'd post a picture of Maggie and Sienna together on my blog.

P.S. How fugly are Sienna's glasses? And her hat is so last season.

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