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I See Stars

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I had just seen the above candids of Alicia Silverstone last week and was wondering when I would have another Alicia Silverstone sighting. Well, it took a few days. DK and I were looking for a space so we could watch the sunset at Casa Del Mar last weekend when there she was riding bikes (all the cool kids do it) with her husband and a friend. She is such a hippie chick with her long,long hair, makeup-free face and quirky clothes. She was wearing what looked like a guy's suit jacket with a rainbow scarf. You've got to love how anti-Hollywood she is.

DK and I had to settle for drinks and dinner at Brass Cap since we couldn't find a parking space. Brass Cap is my favorite neighborhood bar even though it's not quite in my neighborhood. (DK and I discovered it when we spent a romantic night at The Channel Inn, one of my favorite B&B's ever.) Brass Cap's house speciality cocktail is a raspberry bellini made with real raspberries--that's not easy to find in L.A. Our favorite appetizer is the pumpkin tamale, which is like no tamale you've ever had. It even comes wrapped in a banana leaf. That, the grilled flatbread and hummus amuse bouche, bread basket and a shared salad or tuna tartar at the bar makes for a great dinner. Oh, and we saw Christine Baranski that night.

I also forgot to mention that I saw Lukas Haas in Malibu at Planet Blue a few weeks ago.


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