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[Breakfast: 3 slices of turkey bacon and a hard-boiled egg]

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--Lindsay's "friend" who released the video of LL allegedly doing lots of cocaine to News of the World, said she did it because she's worried that Lindsay's life will end tragically. Um, the bitch should have at least been honest and said that she did it for the money and that she was a hanger-on (who did coke with Lohan) and was jealous of LL. [Source]

--A journalist told Chloe Sevigny that he/she found her sexier than Paris Hilton. Chloe was sort of flattered because she thinks that Paris is trashy sexy. Yeah, Chloe is one of those girls that people never describe as beautiful, only sexy. That's what the journalist really meant. [Source]

--Peter Jackson is directing his adapted version of The Lovely Bones. Hopefully, Jackson won't spend a year in New Zealand filming it. Am I the only one who couldn't get through that book? [Source]

--British stylist and fashion artist Isabella Blow, 48, died suddenly today after recently being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Isabella was that cool chick with red lipstick, wild hats, and crazy outfits that you've seen photographed at fashion shows. A one time Anna Wintour (Vogue) assistant, Blow is credited with discovering Alexander McQueen among others. [Source]

--The new trend for Hollywood C-listers: Announce that you are going to have a secret wedding when you know that no one cares about you or who you're marrying. Examples: Brittany Murphy married Simon Monjack the other day and Neve Campbell had a secret wedding in Malibu over the weekend where she married John Light.

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