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Tiffany & Co. Presents: Tiffany Novo

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Yes, I am very happy whenever Tiffany and Co. comes out with a new engagement ring. I also love the cushion cut and am planning on owning one some day in addition to my antique diamond ring. I probably won't buy it from Tiffany's because everyone knows it's overpriced. I do own the Tiffany Etoile Wedding Band in Platinum because I've always wanted it, but that's an exception. It's a nice piece of jewelry to own even if you aren't married. A girl always needs to receive a gift from Tiffany's. If your man has never heard of Tiffany's, send him a link to this post. Not everything at Tiffany's is thousands of dollars either. I have beautiful stacking rings from there that were all less than $500.

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