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I See 'Ana' Stars

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[Breakfast: Brioche from Breadbar and chamomile tea.]

jaclyn-smith1.jpg jaclyn-smith-more1.jpg

I dragged DK into Barneys New York yesterday because I had to return something. It was also a good excuse to brunch at Barneys Greengrass. I switched it up this time and had cheese blintzes instead of an apple pancake. They really have excellent cheese blintzes that came with raspberries (my favorite), strawberries and a lovely compote. It's fun to people watch there and point out all the older and younger women who are wearing way too much makeup and fancy clothes for the weekend. Excess makeup makes you look older, ladies. If you're young and wearing too much makeup, it makes you look like a freak.

Barneys was uneventful except that DK spotted Jaclyn Smith. I wasn't excited or anything, but I did observe that her skinny jeans were hanging off her concave ass. You know you've lost too much weight when you don't have an ass (see Angelina Jolie above). Really, doesn't Jaclyn have a friend who could point out that she should at least buy a pair of jeans that fit her. I guess the pressure of being the host on Shear Genius has gotten to her.


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