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Fashion Picks

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So I know you probably think that I missed a few of days of blogging because I was sampling more cupcakes and drinking champagne. Unfortunately, DK shared the the virus from hell with me. I am at the arthritic joint stage in the virus. Don't even ask. Thought I would share some more fashion picks since there's nothing interesting on the celebrity front except the fact that LL's out of rehab and Brit's stripped to her bra and panties again. Oh, and another source just swore to me that Rachel McAdams isn't a more successful actress because of her off-again on-again ex Ryan Gosling. Supposedly he told her not to take certain roles because of some African movie that he wanted her to be in. Hmm.

1. J. Crew Tanks

2. Club Monaco Cargo Capris in Dove Grey or White (perfect fit and look great with girly espadrilles)

3. Club Monaco Sparkly Scarf (prefect to bring out your inner Cameron Diaz)

4. Libertas Flip Flop Sandals (the sexiest thong around)

5. Going Down by Jennifer Belle (sexy beach read that you should read or re-read. Belle Du Jour for women in their 20's and 30's.)

6. Polaroid Camera (for fun and to keep track of all those fabulous outfits you whip together and then can't remember)


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