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Whenever I meet a costume designer or stylist I always ask them what their favorite stores are. I was turned onto Petro Zillia by the costume designer of The Hottie and The Nottie, Christopher Lawrence. He dressed Paris in some awesome clothes and shoes by PZ. Little did I know that I had passed the Petro Zillia store on W. 3rd Street near Toast like a zillion times without going in. The store is worth going into just to check out the cool space, and soon there will be a lovely garden for customers to hang out in as well.

The only thing that I don't like about the store is that the dressing rooms don't have mirrors in them and they could be a bit more luxe. When dressing rooms don't have mirrors in them it means that when you come out to look in the mirror the sales people will ooh and ah about how fabulous you look no matter how hideous you look in the clothes. I also don't like letting every customer see how something looks on me--it's annoying. Luckily, I had DK with me to be an honest critic despite the salesgirls' sychophantic ranting about one dress that didn't do anything for me. (The girls were helpful for the most part, though). I got a lovely black and white summer dress on sale (Note: it looks much cuter on and hangs better than on the mannequin), a studded fall belt (not on sale) and a scarf that was half off. I didn't even have to worry about not having my shopping tote on me because they give you darling cloth shopping bags for your purchase instead of a plastic or paper bag. Anyway, the point is that if you live in LA, race to Petro Zillia for the sale or shop online. It started on Sat, and is not advertised anywhere. The dress I bought also comes in blue and is worth the trip.

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*Paris and Elisha's jackets are both by Petro Zillia

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